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Report TitleAuthor(s)Report NumberPaper Name
1. Accelerating the Deployment of Security Service Infrastructure with Collective Intelligence and Analytics Maja Vukovic, Christopher Giblin, Sriram K. RajagopalRC25276rc25276.pdf
2. Handler Cloning for Optimizing Exception Handling Takeshi OgasawaraRT0529RT0529.pdf
3. ExaPlan: Queueing-Based Data Placement and Provisioning for Large Tiered Storage Systems Ilias Iliadis, Jens Jelitto, Yusik Kim, Slavisa Sarafijanovic, Vinodh VenkatesanRZ3887rz3887.pdf
4. Labeled Multi-Lingual Data for Cognate Detection Jiri Navratil, Nanyun PengRC25527rc25527.pdf