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Report TitleAuthor(s)Report NumberPaper Name
1. Accelerating the Deployment of Security Service Infrastructure with Collective Intelligence and Analytics Maja Vukovic, Christopher Giblin, Sriram K. RajagopalRC25276rc25276.pdf
2. Refactoring of COBOL data models based on similarities of data field name Yohei Ueda, Moriyoshi OharaRT0962RT0962.pdf
3. Clonable and space-efficient images of running VMs for fast provisioning on IaaS cloud platforms Yohei Ueda, Toshio NakataniRT0963RT0963.pdf
4. Test Generation from Business Rules Simon Holm Jensen, Suresh Thummalapenta, Saurabh Sinha, Satish ChandraRI14008IBMResearchReportRI14008.pdf