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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 11, Number 1, Page 25 (1967)
System/360 Model 91
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An Efficient Algorithm for Exploiting Multiple Arithmetic Units

by R. M. Tomasulo
This paper describes the methods employed in the floating-point area of the System/360 Model 91 to exploit the existence of multiple execution units. Basic to these techniques is a simple common data busing and register tagging scheme which permits simultaneous execution of independent instructions while preserving the essential precedences inherent in the instruction stream. The common data bus improves performance by efficiently utilizing the execution units without requiring specially optimized code. Instead, the hardware, by 'looking ahead' about eight instructions, automatically optimizes the program execution on a local basis.

The application of these techniques is not limited to floating-point arithmetic or System/360 architecture. It may be used in almost any computer having multiple execution units and one or more 'accumulators.' Both of the execution units, as well as the associated storage buffers, multiple accumulators and input/output buses, are extensively checked.

Related Subjects: Algorithms; Computer organization and design; IBM System/360, Model 91; Machine computation and data analysis