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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 10, Number 3, Page 213 (1966)
Nontopical Issue
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Avalanche Breakdown Calculations for a Planar p-n Junction

by D. P. Kennedy, R. R. O'Brien
A mathematical analysis is presented on the avalanche breakdown voltage of a planar p-n junction. This analysis takes into consideration junction curvature, as encountered near a diffusion mask edge. Three different impurity atom profiles are considered: abrupt, linearly graded, and diffused. For an asymmetrical abrupt structure, it is shown that regions of junction curvature exhibit either an increase or a decrease in avalanche breakdown voltage. It is also shown that similar regions in a linearly graded junction exhibit a combination of these abrupt junction mechanisms; thereby, their breakdown voltage is little influenced by junction curvature. In addition, the diffused planar junction can be designed to exhibit nearly the same breakdown voltage as a corresponding mesa structure, or, instead, it can be designed to exhibit a substantially lower avalanche breakdown voltage.
Related Subjects: Junctions; Mathematics (applied); Semiconductor devices