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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 41, Number 4, Page 697 (2002)
Information Integration
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The integration of business intelligence and knowledge management

by W. F. Cody, J. T. Kreulen, V. Krishna, W. S. Spangler
Enterprise executives understand that timely, accurate knowledge can mean improved business performance. Two technologies have been central in improving the quantitative and qualitative value of the knowledge available to decision makers: business intelligence and knowledge management. Business intelligence has applied the functionality, scalability, and reliability of modern database management systems to build ever-larger data warehouses, and to utilize data mining techniques to extract business advantage from the vast amount of available enterprise data. Knowledge management technologies, while less mature than business intelligence technologies, are now capable of combining today's content management systems and the Web with vastly improved searching and text mining capabilities to derive more value from the explosion of textual information. We believe that these systems will blend over time, borrowing techniques from each other and inspiring new approaches that can analyze data and text together, seamlessly. We call this blended technology BIKM.

In this paper, we describe some of the current business problems that require analysis of both text and data, and some of the technical challenges posed by these problems. We describe a particular approach based on an OLAP (on-line analytical processing) model enhanced with text analysis, and describe two tools that we have developed to explore this approach—eClassifier performs text analysis, and Sapient integrates data and text through an OLAP-style interaction model. Finally, we discuss some new research that we are pursuing to enhance this approach.

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