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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 51, Number 1/2, Page 229 (2007)
IBM System z9
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Practical software reuse for IBM System z I/O subsystems

by A.M. Webb, R. Mansell, J.W. Knight, S.J. Greenspan, D.B. Emmes
The design and implementation of the z/VM® SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) I/O subsystem is described. z/VM is an operating system that provides multiple virtual IBM System z™ machines on a single IBM System z computer. The approach adopted herein allows the reuse of entire device drivers from AIX 5L™, a completely different operating system, essentially unchanged. AIX 5L is the IBM UNIX® operating system for the IBM System p™ platform. The design, and much of the implemented code that allows the incorporation of such “foreign” device drivers, is independent of both z/VM and AIX 5L and could potentially be used in other operating system environments.
Related Subjects: Device drivers; I/O devices, systems, and technology; IBM System z9; Interfaces; Operating systems