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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 47, Number 2, Page 251 (2008)
Real-Time and Event-Based Systems
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Generating real-time complex event-processing applications

by Y. Magid, D. Oren, D. Botzer, A. Adi, B. Shulman, E. Rabinovich, M. Barnea
We propose to exploit the technology for complex event processing (CEP) embodied in the rule-based engine known as IBM Active Middleware Technology™ and extend it to the development of real-time CEP applications. Specifically, we propose to develop a framework that includes an integrated development environment (IDE) for defining rules, and, given a set of rules, generates code for a CEP application and enables us to determine time bounds on the response of this application to a set of supported events. In particular, the IDE helps determine a time bound for the execution time of the code corresponding to each rule. The calculation of time bounds is based on a set of benchmark measurements to be performed on the target hardware and involves code segments corresponding to basic operations. Although we assume the code generation phase produces Java™ code, the same approach can be applied to any other suitable programming language. In support of a feasibility argument for the proposed approach, we present some preliminary experimental results obtained on a partially implemented tool.
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