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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 49, Number 1, Page 79 (2005)
Electrochemical Technology in Microelectro...
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Tuning the properties of magnetic nanowires

by L. Sun, Y. Hao, C.-L. Chien, P. C. Searson
Magnetic nanorods or nanowires exhibit degrees of freedom associated with their inherent shape anisotropy and the ability to incorporate different components along their length. The introduction of multiple segments along the length of a nanowire can lead to further degrees of freedom associated with the shape of each segment and the coupling between layers. In this paper, we present an overview of the magnetic properties of single-component and multiple-segment magnetic nanowires, and we provide examples of the influence of particle diameter, aspect ratio, and composition on many of their magnetic properties: the orientation of their magnetic easy axis, their Curie temperature, coercivity, saturation field, saturation magnetization, and remanent magnetization.
Related Subjects: Electrodeposition; Magnetics - studies and structures; Nanoscale structures and devices