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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 25, Number 2, Page 159 (1986)
Knowledge-based Systems
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YES/MVS and the automation of operations for large computer complexes

by K. R. Milliken, A. V. Cruise, R. L. Ennis, A. J. Finkel, J. L. Hellerstein, D. J. Loeb, D. A. Klein, M. J. Masullo, H. M. Van Woerkom, N. B. Waite
The Yorktown Expert System/MVS Manager (known as YES/MVS) is an experimental expert system that assists with the operation of a large computer complex. The first version of YES/MVS (called YES/MVS I) was used regularly in the computing center of IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center for most of a year. Based on the experience gained in developing and using YES/MVS I, a second version (YES/MVS II) is being developed for further experimentation. This paper discusses characteristics of the domain of large computing system operation that have been illuminated by the YES/MVS I experience, and it describes the modifications in the design of YES/MVS II that are an outgrowth of the YES/MVS I experience.
Related Subjects: Knowledge; Based Systems; Management