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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 5, Number 3, Page 148 (1966)
Teleprocessing System Design
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On teleprocessing system design, Part III: An analysis of a request-queued buffer pool

by J. P. Bricault, I. Delgalvis
The problem of allocating main storage for a message-segment buffer pool is considered. A queuing model that approximates the most typical mode of operation is formulated. Solutions for the number of buffers by the pool are obtained. Although the solutions require iterative computational methods, they are not difficult to program. Inasmuch as the model and solution methods both involve approximations, the validity of the approach was checked by simulating a typical set of operating conditions. Although the computational results were found to be conservatively biased, the method is clearly adequate for most design purposes.
Related Subjects: Networking; Simulation; System Design