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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2001Colloidal synthesis of nanocrystals and nanocrystal superlattices
2001Conducting polymers in microelectronics
2001Organic-inorganic electronics
2001Organic electronics: Introduction
2001Recent progress in electron-beam resists for advanced mask-making
2000Chemical amplification resists: History and development within IBM
1999Cost-effective cleaning and high-quality thin gate oxides
1999Growth and characterization of ultrathin nitrided silicon oxide films
1999Nitrous oxide (N2O) processing for silicon oxynitride gate dielectrics
1999Ultrathin nitrided gate dielectrics: Plasma processing, chemical characterization, performance, and reliability
1998Applications of electrochemical microfabrication: An introduction
1998Electrochemical process for advanced package fabrication
1998Electrolessly deposited diffusion barriers for microelectronics
1998Metallization by plating for high-performance multichip modules
1998Microfabrication by electrochemical metal removal
1998Photoelectrochemical etching of semiconductors
1997Chemical amplification resists: History and development within IBM
1997Lithography beyond light: Microcontact printing with monolayer resists
1997Negative photoresists for optical lithography
1994Plasma modification of polymer surfaces for adhesion improvement
1994Studies of adhesion by secondary ion mass spectrometry
1994Wet-process surface modification of dielectric polymers: Adhesion enhancement and metallization
1988Chemistry at interfaces: Electropositive metals on polymer surfaces
1986Chemical and mechanical performance of flexible magnetic tape containing chromium dioxide
1984Determination of Gafac in complex solution matrices
1984High-temperature stability of a polyimide film
1984Immersion tin: Its chemistry, metallurgy, and application in electronic packaging technology
1984Initiation of electroless Cu plating on nonmetallic surfaces
1984Mechanisms of electroless metal plating: II. Decomposition of formaldehyde
1984Mechanisms of electroless metal plating: I. Mixed potential theory and the interdependence of partial reactions
1984Moisture solubility and diffusion in epoxy and epoxy-glass composites
1983Electrochemical Synthesis of Electrically Conducting Polymers from Aromatic Compounds
1983Electron Microscopy of Carbon-Loaded Polymers
1983High-Resolution Carbon-13 NMR of Polymers in the Solid State
1983Magic Angle Spinning NMR of Conducting Polymers
1983Mechanical Properties of Electrochemically Prepared Polypyrrole Films
1983Polymer Structure Determination Using Electron Diffraction Techniques
1982A VLSI Bipolar Metallization Design with Three-Level Wiring and Area Array Solder Connections
1982Integrated Optics and Raman Scattering: Molecular Orientation in Thin Polymer Films and Langmuir–Blodgett Monolayers
1982Laser-Enhanced Chemical Etching of Solid Surfaces
1982Laser-Enhanced Plating and Etching: Mechanisms and Applications
1982Multiple Photochemical Hole Burning in Organic Glasses and Polymers: Spectroscopy and Storage Aspects
1982Oxygen Incorporation and Precipitation in Czochralski-Grown Silicon
1982Process Control of the Chlorobenzene Single-Step Liftoff Process with a Diazo-Type Resist
1982The Mechanism of Single-Step Liftoff with Chlorobenzene in a Diazo-Type Resist
1981Computer Simulations of Complex Chemical Systems: Solvation of DNA and Solvent Effects in Conformational Transitions
1981Conducting Polymers: A Review of Recent Work
1981Electronic Structure Theory
1981Phase Transitions
1981Pi-Donor Intercalate Polymers: Synthesis, Charge-Transfer Interactions, and Applications
1981Semiconductors at IBM: Physics, Novel Devices, and Materials Science
1981[Pt]Polypyrrole: A New Organic Electrode Material
1980Structure of Tunnel Barrier Oxide for Pb-Alloy Josephson Junctions
1979Cathodes for HeNe Lasers
1979Electrodes with Covalently Attached Monolayers
1979Molecular Beam Laser-Induced Fluorescence Studies of Chemical Reactions
1979One- and Two-Photon Laser Photochemistry in Organic Solids
1979Photochemical Decomposition Mechanisms for AZ-Type Photoresists
1979Photochemical Hole Burning in Free-Base Porphyrin and Chlorin in n-Alkane Matrices
1979Some Chemical Aspects of the Fluorocarbon Plasma Etching of Silicon and Its Compounds
1978Al-Cu Alloy for Gas Panels
1978Chemisorption of Ethane on W(111)
1978Core-Level Photoemission and LEED Studies of Adsorption at Fe Surfaces: Comparison Between CO and O2
1978Data Acquisition and Reduction Program for Thermogravimetry
1978Model Study in Chemisorption: Molecular Orbital Cluster Theory for Atomic Hydrogen on Be(0001)
1978Organic Photovoltaic Materials: Squarylium and Cyanine-TCNQ Dyes
1978Reaction of Atomic Hydrogen with Si(111) Surfaces: Formation of Monohydride and Trihydride Phases
1978Relation Between an Atomic Electronegativity Scale and the Work Function
1977Development and Characterization of Ink for an Electrostatic Ink Jet Printer
1977Materials Selection for an Ink Jet Printer
1974Water Vapor as an Oxidant in BBr3 Open-tube Silicon Diffusion Systems
1972Detection of Discontinuities in Passivating Layers on Silicon by NaOH Anisotropic Etch
1972Development of Water-soluble Systems for Use in Industrial Soldering Processes
1972Existence and Uniqueness of the Solution to Holland’s Equations for a Class of Multicolumn Distillation Systems
1971A New High-sensitivity Organic Photoconductor for Electrophotography
1971A New Technique for Gas-phase Kinetic Spectroscopy of Molecules in the Triplet State
1971Digital Simulation of the Global Transport of Carbon Monoxide
1971Molecular Engineering in the Development of Materials for Thermoplastic Recording
1971On Measuring Nuclear Magnetic Shielding Anisotropies in Liquid Crystal Solvents
1971Photochemical Addition of Benzene to Cyclobutene
1971Photoconduction in Aromatic Hydrocarbons
1971Polymorphism in Cholesteryl Esters: Cholesteryl Palmitate
1971Preparation and Thermodynamics of Some Homologous Nitrones, a New Group of Liquid Crystals
1969The Use of a Control Computer in a Chemistry Department
1969Use of a Time-sharing Computer in Nuclear Chemistry
1967A Rapid Method for Determining Compound Composition of Cement Clinker: Application to Closed Loop Kiln Control
1965Simulation of the Catalytic Cracking Process for Styrene Production
1964Crystal Chemistry and Band Structures of the Group V Semimetals and the IV–VI Semiconductors
1964Evaluation of Spectrochemical Data Using Digital Techniques
1961The Use of Radioisotopes to Determine the Chemistry of Solder Flux