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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2004IBM eServer z990 improvements in firmware simulation
2004Millicode in an IBM zSeries processor
2002IBM eServer z900 system microcode verification by simulation: The virtual power-on process
2002z/CECSIM: An efficient and comprehensive microcode simulator for the IBM eServer z900
2001Embedding a secondary communication channel transparently within a cyclic redundancy check (CRC)
2000Holographic data storage technology
1997A two-step computation of cyclic redundancy code CRC-32 for ATM networks
1996A fast, highly reliable data compression chip and algorithm for storage systems
1995A unified table-based Viterbi subset decoder for high-speed voice-band modems
1994Performance of a cyclic redundancy check and its interaction with a data scrambler
1989Coding for constrained channels: A comparison of two approaches
1977Worst-Case Pattern Evaluation of Baseband Channels
1976Analysis of the Berlekamp–Massey Linear Feedback Shift-Register Synthesis Algorithm
1976Error Correcting Codes for Satellite Communication Channels
1976Generalized Kraft Inequality and Arithmetic Coding
1975Block-oriented Information Compression
1975Codes for Self-clocking, AC-coupled Transmission: Aspects of Synthesis and Analysis
1975Keyboard Method for Composing Chinese Characters
1975Multifont OCR Postprocessing System
1975Zero-Modulation Encoding in Magnetic Recording
1974Image Data Compression by Predictive Coding II: Encoding Algorithms
1974Image Data Compression by Predictive Coding I: Prediction Algorithms
1974Optimal Rectangular Code for High Density Magnetic Tapes
1971Application of Probabilistic Decoding to Digital Magnetic Recording Systems
1970A Class of Optimal Minimum Odd-weight-column SEC-DED Codes
1970An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Hybrid Transmission Schemes
1970Application of Partial-response Channel Coding to Magnetic Recording Systems
1970Coding for Error Control in a Computer-Manufacturer's Environment: A Foreword
1970Coding Schemes for Reduction of Intersymbol Interference in Data Transmission Systems
1970Error Control for Terminals with Human Operators
1970Error Correction for IBM 800-bit-per-inch Magnetic Tape
1970Introduction to Pseudoternary Transmission Codes
1970Maximal Group Codes with Specified Minimum Distance
1970Orthogonal Latin Square Codes
1970Sequence-state Methods for Run-length-limited Coding
1970Three Measures of Decoder Complexity
1970b-Adjacent Error Correction
1969Data Recovery in a Photo-Digital Storage System
1969Fast Sequential Decoding Algorithm Using a Stack
1969Symbolic Polynomial Operations with APL
1966A Practical Class of Polynomial Codes
1966Some New Methods for Digital Encoding of Voice Signals and for Voice Code Translation
1965Decoding of Cyclic Codes Using Position Invariant Functions
1965On Definitions of a Burst
1963A Method for Key-to-Address Transformation
1963An Application of Coding Theory to a File Address Problem
1963Further Results in Polynomial Addressing
1962Coding for Logical Operations
1961Minimum Polarized Distance Codes
1958Channels with Side Information at the Transmitter