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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007Enhanced I/O subsystem recovery and availability on the IBM System z9
2007IBM POWER6 reliability
2004The z990 first error data capture concept
1989Two-level coding for error control in magnetic disk storage products
1984A General-Purpose Memory Reliability Simulator
1984A Universal Reed-Solomon Decoder
1984An Introduction to Arithmetic Coding
1984Analysis of Correctable Errors in the IBM 3380 Disk File
1984Error-Correcting Codes for Semiconductor Memory Applications: A State-of-the-Art Review
1984Fault-Tolerant Design Techniques for Semiconductor Memory Applications
1984Fault-Tolerant Memory Simulator
1984Fault Alignment Exclusion for Memory Using Address Permutation
1984Implementation and Evaluation of a (b,k)-Adjacent Error-Correcting/Detecting Scheme for Supercomputer Systems
1984Iterative Exhaustive Pattern Generation for Logic Testing
1983A Fault-Tolerant System Architecture for Navy Applications
1982Automated Diagnostic Methodology for the IBM 3081 Processor Complex
1979Transform Techniques for Error Control Codes
1970Error Control for Terminals with Human Operators