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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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1997A two-step computation of cyclic redundancy code CRC-32 for ATM networks
1994Performance of a cyclic redundancy check and its interaction with a data scrambler
1984Error-Correcting Codes for Semiconductor Memory Applications: A State-of-the-Art Review
1965On Definitions of a Burst
1964A Note on a Class of Binary Cyclic Codes Which Correct Solid-Burst Errors
1963A Method for Key-to-Address Transformation
1963A Note on Extending Certain Codes to Correct Error Bursts in Longer Messages
1963Automatic Correction of Multiple Errors Originating in a Computer Memory
1963Some New Classes of Cyclic Codes Used for Burst-Error Correction
1960A Bound for Error-Correcting Codes
1960A Cyclic Code for Double Error Correction
1960A New Group of Codes for Correction of Dependent Errors in Data Transmission
1960Design Methods for Maximum Minimum-Distance Error-Correcting Codes
1960Error Correcting Codes for Correcting Bursts of Errors