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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2006HeapMon: A helper-thread approach to programmable, automatic, and low-overhead memory bug detection
1994Performance of a cyclic redundancy check and its interaction with a data scrambler
1989Preserving the integrity of cyclic-redundancy checks when protected text is intentionally altered
1989Two-level coding for error control in magnetic disk storage products
1986Early error detection in syntax-driven parsers
1986Key-sequence data sets on indelible storage
1986On-the-fly decoder for multiple byte errors
1985Adaptive cross-parity (AXP) code for a high-density magnetic tape subsystem
1984Analysis of Correctable Errors in the IBM 3380 Disk File
1984Error-Correcting Codes for Semiconductor Memory Applications: A State-of-the-Art Review
1984Fault-Tolerant Memory Simulator
1984Implementation and Evaluation of a (b,k)-Adjacent Error-Correcting/Detecting Scheme for Supercomputer Systems
1983A DC-Balanced, Partitioned-Block, 8B/10B Transmission Code
1982Automated Diagnostic Methodology for the IBM 3081 Processor Complex
1982Model for Transient and Permanent Error-Detection and Fault-Isolation Coverage
1981Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability of IBM Computer Systems: A Quarter Century of Progress
1980A System Solution to the Memory Soft Error Problem
1980Error Recovery Scheme for the IBM 3850 Mass Storage System
1980Existence of Good δ-Decodable Codes for the Two-User Multiple-Access Adder Channel
1980On a Class of One-Step Majority-Logic Decodable Cyclic Codes
1970Concurrent Error Detection for Group Look-ahead Binary Adders
1969Data Recovery in a Photo-Digital Storage System
1968Error Detection and Correction in a Photo-Digital Storage System
1966A Practical Class of Polynomial Codes
1966Diagnosis of Automata Failures: A Calculus and a Method
1963Automatic Correction of Multiple Errors Originating in a Computer Memory
1959Automatic Failure Recovery in a Digital Data Processing System
1959On Codes for Checking Logical Operations
1959On the Mathematical Theory of Error-Correcting Codes
1957A Mathematical Model for Determining the Probabilities of Undetected Errors in Magnetic Tape Systems