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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007Practical software reuse for IBM System z I/O subsystems
2004Functional verification of a frequency-programmable switch chip with asynchronous clock sections
2004Multiple-logical-channel subsystems: Increasing zSeries I/O scalability and connectivity
2004SCSI initial program loading for zSeries
2004The performance impact of I/O optimizations and disk improvements
2004The structure of chips and links comprising the IBM eServer z990 I/O subsystem
2002Coupling I/O channels for the IBM eServer z900: Reengineering required
2002FCP for the IBM eServer zSeries systems: Access to distributed storage
2002Hierarchical indexing data structure method for verifying the functionality of the STI-to-PCI bridge chips of the IBM eServer z900
2002Hyper-acceleration and HW/SW co-verification as an essential part of IBM eServer z900 verification
2002IBM eServer z900 I/O subsystem
2002Self-timed interface of the input/output subsystem of the IBM eServer z900
2002zSeries features for optimized sockets-based messaging: HiperSockets and OSA-Express
2000An SXGA reflective liquid crystal projection light valve incorporating inversion by pixel bootstrapping
1999Self-timed interface for S/390 I/O subsystem interconnection
1996Serial Storage Architecture
1996Storage control cache resource management: Increasing diversity, increasing effectiveness
1996The IBM 3495 robotics and vision system
1994Background data movement in a log-structured disk subsystem
1993Architecture and performance of the ESPER-2 hard-disk drive servo writer
1992MVS Dynamic Reconfiguration Management
1992The IBM Enterprise Systems Connection (ESCON) Architecture
1992The IBM Enterprise Systems Connection (ESCON) channel-A versatile building block
1992The IBM Enterprise Systems Connection (ESCON) Director: A dynamic switch for 200Mb/s fiber optic links
1987Font design for high-speed impact line printers
1986Key-sequence data sets on indelible storage
1986Least-squares storage-channel identification
1985An experimental comparison of the head/disk interface dynamics in 5¼- and 8-inch disk drives
1984The digital data exchange—A space-division switching system
1983Bounce and Chaotic Motion in Impact Print Hammers
1983System/370 Extended Architecture: The Channel Subsystem
1981An On-Line Chinese Character Recognition System
1981Laser Electrophotographic Printing Technology
1981Printer Technology in IBM
1966Resonant Excitation of Magnetostrictive Driven Print Wires for High-Speed Printing
1966The Integrated Vocoder and its Application in Computer Systems