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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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1973Interactive Use of a Time-shared Process Control Computer in Electrophotographic Sensitometry
1972Acoustic Signal Analysis for Noise Source Identification in Mechanisms
1972Holographic Interferometry Deformation Study of a Printer Type-piece
1971Automatic Pulse Parameter Determination with the Computer Augmented Oscilloscope System
1971Automation of a Residual Gas Analyzer on a Time-shared Computer
1971Automation of Data Acquisition in Transient Photoconductive Decay Experiments
1971Interleaving Slow- and Rapid-data-rate Experiments with a Time-sharing Laboratory Automation System
1970On-line Far-infrared Michelson Interferometry in a Time-shared Mode
1969An Experimental System for Time-shared, On-line Data Acquisition
1969An Interactive Graphics System for Nuclear Data Acquisition
1969Automation of a Wide-range, General-purpose Spectrophotometric System
1969Combination of On-line Analysis with Collection of Multicomponent Spectra in an On-line Computer
1969Computer-assisted Spectroscopy
1969Computer-controlled Optical Spectrometer
1969Computer-operated X-ray Laboratory Equipment
1969Computer Facilities for the Laboratory
1969Growth of a Laboratory Computer System for Nuclear Physics
1969Measuring Optical Transfer Functions of Lenses with the Aid of a Digital Computer
1969New Research Techniques for the Life Sciences
1969Real-time Reduction of Nuclear Physics Data
1969Simulation and Experimental Research
1969The Use of a Control Computer in a Chemistry Department
1969The Use of Computers at CERN
1969Use of a Terminal System for Data Acquisition
1969Use of a Time-sharing Computer in Nuclear Chemistry
1968An Application of the Automatic Dynamic Response Analyzer
1968Automatic Dynamic Response Analyzer