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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2000Contributions of IBM to laser science-1960 to the present
1998Electrochemical microfabrication by laser-enhanced photothermal processes
1997Large-field scanning laser ablation system
1997Laser release process to obtain freestanding multilayer metal-polyimide circuits
1997Lithography at a wavelength of 193 nm
1997Masks for laser ablation technology: New requirements and challenges
1994Modeling the thermal-to-plasma transitions for Cu photoablation
1989Femtosecond laser studies of the relaxation dynamics of semiconductors and large molecules
1982A New Class of Materials for Holography in the Infrared
1982Holography in the IBM 3687 Supermarket Scanner
1982Image Projection with Nonlinear Optics
1982Integrated Optics and Raman Scattering: Molecular Orientation in Thin Polymer Films and Langmuir–Blodgett Monolayers
1982Laser-Enhanced Chemical Etching of Solid Surfaces
1982Laser-Enhanced Plating and Etching: Mechanisms and Applications
1982Laser-Induced Arcing in Cathode Ray Tubes
1982Lasers in Electrophotography
1982Modification of Semiconductor Device Characteristics by Lasers
1982Multiple Photochemical Hole Burning in Organic Glasses and Polymers: Spectroscopy and Storage Aspects
1982The Application of GaAlAs Lasers to High-Resolution Liquid-Crystal Projection Displays
1982Ultrafast High-Resolution Contact Lithography with Excimer Lasers
1981Laser Electrophotographic Printing Technology
1981Semiconductors at IBM: Physics, Novel Devices, and Materials Science
1980Pattern Optimization for UPC Supermarket Scanner
1979Cathodes for HeNe Lasers
1979Contributions of IBM to Laser Science—1960 to the Present
1979Cooperative Emission of an Excited Monolayer into Surface Plasmons
1979Forced Rayleigh Scattering
1979HeNe Parallel Plate Laser Development
1979Molecular Beam Laser-Induced Fluorescence Studies of Chemical Reactions
1979Nondestructive Analysis for HeNe Lasers
1979One- and Two-Photon Laser Photochemistry in Organic Solids
1979Photochemical Hole Burning in Free-Base Porphyrin and Chlorin in n-Alkane Matrices
1979Polarization Problems of Parallel Plate Lasers
1979Subnanosecond Optical Free-Induction Decay
1979Systematic Behavior in Alkaline Earth Spectra: A Multichannel Quantum Defect Analysis
1979Time-Resolved Infrared Spectral Photography: A New Technique
1979Two-Photon Coherent Transients
1979(GaAl)As Laser Requirements for Local Attached Data Link Applications
1978Electrophotographic Process in a High Speed Printer
1971Dynamics of a Flashlamp-pumped Rhodamine 6G Laser
1971Synchronization in a Wideband Optical Data Transmission System
1970Laser Speckle and Its Elimination
1968Effects of Lasers on the Human Eye
1968The Study of Laser-induced Absorption of a Secondary Light Beam in Molecular Liquids and Solutions
1967Flashlamp Excitation of Organic Dye Lasers: A Short Communication
1967Laser-pumped Stimulated Emission from Organic Dyes: Experimental Studies and Analytical Comparisons
1967The Electron Beam Scanlaser: Theoretical and Operational Studies
1966Dynamic Laser Wavelength Selection
1966End-Pumped Stimulated Emission from a Thiacarbocyanine Dye
1966Intensity Noise in Multimode GaAs Laser Emission
1966Stimulated Emission Observed from an Organic Dye, Chloro-aluminum Phthalocyanine
1965Active Image Formation in Lasers
1965Two-Dimensional Laser Deflection Using Fourier Optics
1964A Fast, Digital-Indexed Light Deflector
1964Analysis of a Nondegenerate Two-Photon Giant-Pulse Laser
1964Ruby Laser Q-Switching Elements Using Phthalocyanine Molecules in Solution
1964Some Theoretical Aspects of a Proposed Double Quantum Stimulated Emission Device
1963Directionality Effects of GaAs Light-Emitting Diodes: Part II
1963Directionality Effects of GaAs Light-Emitting Diodes: Part I
1963Electromagnetic Mode Population in Light-Emitting Junctions
1963High-Speed Photographs of Laser-Induced Heating
1963Paramagnetic Resonance of the Shallow Acceptors Zn and Cd in GaAs
1963Threshold Current for p-n Junction Lasers
1962Optical Mixing of Coherent and Incoherent Light
1961Solid-State Optical Maser Using Divalent Samarium in Calcium Fluoride