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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007Polymer self assembly in semiconductor microelectronics
2001Chemical and physical aspects of the post-exposure baking process used for positive-tone chemically amplified resists
2001Conducting polymers in microelectronics
2001Dissolution behavior of chemically amplified resist polymers for 248-, 193-, and 157-nm lithography
2001Printing meets lithography: Soft approaches to high-resolution patterning
2001Review of technology for 157-nm lithography
2001TCAD development for lithography resolution enhancement
2000Chemical amplification resists: History and development within IBM
2000Low-energy electron microscopy
2000The future of CMOS technology
1997Advanced DUV photolithography in a pilot lineenvironment
1997Chemical amplification resists: History and development within IBM
1997High-numerical-aperture optical designs
1997Impact of lens aberrations on optical lithography
1997Large-field scanning laser ablation system
1997Laser release process to obtain freestanding multilayer metal-polyimide circuits
1997Lithography at a wavelength of 193 nm
1997Lithography beyond light: Microcontact printing with monolayer resists
1997Manufacturing with DUV lithography
1997Masks for laser ablation technology: New requirements and challenges
1997Negative photoresists for optical lithography
1997Optical lithography: Introduction
1997Photoresists for 193-nm lithography
1997Thin-film imaging: Past, present, prognosis
1995CMOS scaling in the 0.1-μm, 1.X-volt regime for high-performance applications
1995CMOS scaling into the 21st century: 0.1 μm and beyond
1995Overview of gate linewidth control in the manufacture of CMOS logic chips
1995The evolution of IBM CMOS DRAM technology
1992A statistical approach to quality control of non-normal lithographical overlay distributions
1992Advancing the state of the art in high-performance logic and array technology
1990Thermoelastic behavior of X-ray lithography masks during irradiation
1984Modeling of defects in integrated circuit photolithographic patterns
1984Resist profile control in E-beam lithography
1982Electron-Beam Proximity Printing—A New High-Speed Lithography Method for Submicron Structures
1982Feature Size Control in IC Manufacturing
1982Laser-Enhanced Chemical Etching of Solid Surfaces
1982Laser-Enhanced Plating and Etching: Mechanisms and Applications
1982Metrology in Mask Manufacturing
1982The Mechanism of Single-Step Liftoff with Chlorobenzene in a Diazo-Type Resist
1982Ultrafast High-Resolution Contact Lithography with Excimer Lasers
1981Pi-Donor Intercalate Polymers: Synthesis, Charge-Transfer Interactions, and Applications
1980Computer Simulation of Electron-Beam Resist Profiles
1980Overlay in Lithography
1980Pattern Partitioning for Enhanced Proximity-Effect Corrections in Electron-Beam Lithography
1980Proximity Correction Enhancements for 1-μm Dense Circuits
1980Proximity Effects in Electron Lithography: Magnitude and Correction Techniques
1980Registration Mark Detection for Electron-Beam Lithography—EL1 System
1980Single-Step Optical Lift-Off Process
1979Photochemical Decomposition Mechanisms for AZ-Type Photoresists
1979Some Chemical Aspects of the Fluorocarbon Plasma Etching of Silicon and Its Compounds
1977Automatic Registration in an Electron-Beam Lithographic System
1977Electron Optics of an Electron-Beam Lithographic System
1976Deep-UV Conformable-Contact Photolithography for Bubble Circuits
1976Scanning Electron Beam Lithography for Fabrication of Magnetic Bubble Circuits
1974Photolithography in Integrated Circuit Mask Metrology