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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2002Beyond the conventional transistor
2001Chemical and physical aspects of the post-exposure baking process used for positive-tone chemically amplified resists
2001Dissolution behavior of chemically amplified resist polymers for 248-, 193-, and 157-nm lithography
2001Recent progress in electron-beam resists for advanced mask-making
2001Review of technology for 157-nm lithography
2000Chemical amplification resists: History and development within IBM
1997Chemical amplification resists: History and development within IBM
1997Lithography at a wavelength of 193 nm
1997Negative photoresists for optical lithography
1997Optical lithography: Introduction
1997Photoresists for 193-nm lithography
1997Thin-film imaging: Past, present, prognosis
1993Resist materials and processes for X-ray lithography
1988Developer-induced debonding of photoresist from copper
1982Process Control of the Chlorobenzene Single-Step Liftoff Process with a Diazo-Type Resist
1980Fabrication Process for Josephson Integrated Circuits
1980Single-Step Optical Lift-Off Process
1979Photochemical Decomposition Mechanisms for AZ-Type Photoresists
1977Rheology and Modeling of the Spin Coating Process
1977Thermal Analysis of Positive Photoresist Films by Mass Spectrometry
1977Thermal Effects on the Photoresist AZ1350J
1974Photolithography in Integrated Circuit Mask Metrology
1970Projection Masking, Thin Photoresist Layers and Interference Effects
1966Solution of the Partial Differential Equations Describing Photodecomposition in a Light-absorbing Matrix having Light-absorbing Photoproducts