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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2001Chemical and physical aspects of the post-exposure baking process used for positive-tone chemically amplified resists
2001Computer simulations for organic light-emitting diodes
2001Dissolution behavior of chemically amplified resist polymers for 248-, 193-, and 157-nm lithography
2001STM-excited electroluminescence and spectroscopy on organic materials for display applications
1999Characterization of silicon surface preparation processes for advanced gate dielectrics
1999Cost-effective cleaning and high-quality thin gate oxides
1998Photoelectrochemical etching of semiconductors
1995Atomic force microscopy studies of SiGe films and Si/SiGe heterostructures
1995Force microscopy studies of the molecular origins of friction and lubrication
1995The femtosecond field-emission camera, a device for continuous observation of the motion of individual adsorbed atoms and molecules
1995The use of STM to study metal film epitaxy
1994Tailoring the surface morphology of polyimide for improved adhesion
1985A dielectric loss investigation of moisture in epoxy-glass composites
1985Cathodic delamination of methyl methacrylate-based dry film polymers on copper
1985The stability of a colloidal suspension of coated magnetic particles in an aqueous solution
1984Determination of Gafac in complex solution matrices
1984Immersion tin: Its chemistry, metallurgy, and application in electronic packaging technology
1984Moisture solubility and diffusion in epoxy and epoxy-glass composites
1984Preface: Advances in materials and processes for printed circuit packaging technology
1983Digital Simulation of Magnetic Czochralski Flow Under Various Laboratory Conditions for Silicon Growth
1982Laser-Enhanced Plating and Etching: Mechanisms and Applications
1979Cathodes for HeNe Lasers
1979Cooperative Emission of an Excited Monolayer into Surface Plasmons
1979One- and Two-Photon Laser Photochemistry in Organic Solids
1979Time-Resolved Infrared Spectral Photography: A New Technique
1978Chemisorption of Ethane on W(111)
1978Core-Level Photoemission and LEED Studies of Adsorption at Fe Surfaces: Comparison Between CO and O2
1978Data Acquisition and Reduction Program for Thermogravimetry
1978Light Scattering Study of Structures in a Smectic Liquid Crystal
1978Model Study in Chemisorption: Molecular Orbital Cluster Theory for Atomic Hydrogen on Be(0001)
1978Molecular Geometries of Acetylene and Ethylene Chemisorbed On Cu, Ni, Pd, and Pt Surfaces
1978Oriented Epitaxial Films of (NMP) (TCNQ)
1978Phase Equilibria in Liquid Crystal Mixtures
1978Reaction of Atomic Hydrogen with Si(111) Surfaces: Formation of Monohydride and Trihydride Phases
1978Relation Between an Atomic Electronegativity Scale and the Work Function
1978Sputter Profiling Through Ni/Fe Interfaces by Auger Electron Spectroscopy
1977Origin and Effects of Negative Ions in the Sputtering of Intermetallic Compounds
1974Interatomic Potentials and Defect Energetics in Dilute Alloys
1974Water Vapor as an Oxidant in BBr3 Open-tube Silicon Diffusion Systems
1972Detection of Discontinuities in Passivating Layers on Silicon by NaOH Anisotropic Etch
1972Ge Epitaxial Refill Deposition Techniques for Fabricating Pedestal Transistor Structures
1972Overlap Emissivity of CO2 and H2O in the 15-μm Spectral Region
1971Activation Energy for Electromigration in Aluminum Films Alloyed with Copper
1971Effect of Extremely Thin Nitrogenous Surface Films on Phosphorus-impurity Profiles in Silicon
1971Interaction Potential between Li+ and HD: Region for Rotational Excitation Cross Sections
1970Argon Content of SiO2 Films Deposited by RF Sputtering in Argon
1970Exchange Mechanisms in Europium Chalcogenides
1970Long-range Magnetic Interactions (RKKY-type) in the UP-US Solid Solutions
1970Man-made Superlattice Crystals
1970On the Equations of Holland in the Solution of Problems in Multicomponent Distillation
1970Silicon and Silicon-dioxide Processing for High-frequency MESFET Preparation
1970Silicon Defect Structure Induced by Arsenic Diffusion and Subsequent Steam Oxidation
1970The Percus-Yevick Theory and the Equation of State of the 6:12 Fluid
1969Cation Deficiencies in RF Sputtered Gadolinium Iron Garnet Films
1969Optical Damage to LiNbO3 from GaAs Laser Radiation
1969RF Sputtered Strontium Titanate Films
1969Studies of the SLT Chip Terminal Metallurgy
1968Calculation of Liquid Droplet Profiles from Closed-Form Solution of Young–Laplace Equation
1968High-resolution Positive Resists for Electron-beam Exposure
1968Polymer Dielectric Films
1963A Liquid Scintillation Counter Using Anticoincidence Shielding