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2006Bipolar spintronics: Fundamentals and applications
2006Emerging nanoscale silicon devices taking advantage of nanostructure physics
2006Silicon CMOS devices beyond scaling
2006Toward dissipationless spin transport in semiconductors
2001Influence of trapped and interfacial charges in organic multilayer light-emitting devices
2001Organic thin-film transistors: A review of recent advances
2001STM-excited electroluminescence and spectroscopy on organic materials for display applications
2000LSI yield modeling and process monitoring
2000Scanning tunneling microscopy
2000Spatial variation of currents and fields due to localized scatterers in metallic conduction
2000The future of interconnection technology
2000The future of magnetic data storage techology
1999Modeling and characterization of quantization, polysilicon depletion, and direct tunneling effects in MOSFETs with ultrathin oxides
1998Photoelectrochemical etching of semiconductors
1995Design and applications of a scanning SQUID microscope
1995Probing electrical transport, electron interference, and quantum size effects at surfaces with STM/STS
1995The use of STM to study metal film epitaxy
1994Atomic-scale metal adhesion investigated by scanning tunneling microscopy
1994Fracture mechanics for thin-film adhesion
1990Ballistic hot-electron transistors
1990Monte Carlo analysis of semiconductor devices: The DAMOCLES program
1989Effects of quasiperiodic (Penrose tile) symmetry on the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the wave equation
1988Bloch electron in a magnetic field: Mixed dimensionality and the magnetic-field-induced generalized quantum Hall effect
1988Coherent and sequential tunneling in series barriers
1988Coherent voltage oscillations in small normal tunnel junctions and the crossover to the incoherent regime
1988Correlated discrete transfer of single electrons in ultrasmall tunnel junctions
1988Electronic transport in small strongly localized structures
1988Fluctuations in the extrinsic conductivity of disordered metal
1988Isolated rings of mesoscopic dimensions. Quantum coherence and persistent currents
1988Mesoscopic coherence phenomena in semiconductor devices
1988Residual resistivity dipoles, electromigration, and electronic conduction in metallic microstructures
1988Scanning tunneling measurements of potential steps at grain boundaries in the presence of current flow
1988Spatial variation of currents and fields due to localized scatterers in metallic conduction
1988Symmetry and transport in disordered systems
1988Symmetry of electrical conduction
1988Tunneling times and a quantum clock
1988What is measured when you measure a resistance?—The Landauer formula revisited
1986Applications of a high-stability scanning tunneling microscope
1986Chemical applications of scanning tunneling microscopy
1986Computer automation for scanning tunneling microscopy
1986Construction of a UHV scanning tunneling microscope
1986Electronic structure and tunneling current for chemisorbed atoms
1986Mono-atomic tips for scanning tunneling microscopy
1986Near-field optical scanning microscopy with tunnel-distance regulation
1986Possible mechanisms of atom transfer in scanning tunneling microscopy
1986Properties of vacuum tunneling currents: Anomalous barrier heights
1986Scanning tunneling microscope automation
1986Scanning tunneling microscopy of cleaved semiconductor surfaces
1986Scanning tunneling microscopy of surface microstructure on rough surfaces
1986Scanning tunneling microscopy
1986Spectroscopy of electronic states of metals with a scanning tunneling microscope
1986STM activity at the University of Basel
1986Surface modification with the scanning tunneling microscope
1986Traversal time for tunneling
1986Wide-range, low-operating-voltage, bimorph STM: Application as potentiometer
1982Image Projection with Nonlinear Optics
1982Modification of Semiconductor Device Characteristics by Lasers
1981Conducting Polymers: A Review of Recent Work
1981Pi-Donor Intercalate Polymers: Synthesis, Charge-Transfer Interactions, and Applications
1981[Pt]Polypyrrole: A New Organic Electrode Material
1980Defect-Related Breakdown and Conduction in SiO2
1980Near-Ideal Si–SiO2 Interfaces
1980Overview of Josephson Technology Logic and Memory
1979Electrodes with Covalently Attached Monolayers
1978Calculations of the Effect of Emitter Compensation on β and fT of Bipolar Devices
1978Light Scattering Study of Structures in a Smectic Liquid Crystal
1978Organic Photovoltaic Materials: Squarylium and Cyanine-TCNQ Dyes
1978Phase Equilibria in Liquid Crystal Mixtures
1978Relation Between an Atomic Electronegativity Scale and the Work Function
1978Solar Absorbing Surfaces of Anodized Dendritic Tungsten
1977Analysis of the Merged Charge Memory (MCM) Cell
1977Conduction Studies in Silicon Nitride: Dark Currents and Photocurrents
1977Safe Operating Area for Bipolar Transistors
1976Bubble Lattice Motions Due to Modulated Bias Fields
1976Lattice Dynamics with Three-Body Forces: Solid Xe and Kr
1976LSI Yield Modeling and Process Monitoring
1976Structure and Magnetic Anisotropy of Amorphous Gd–Co Films
1975Amorphous GdCoCr Films for Bubble Domain Applications
1975An Introduction to Array Logic
1975Device Design Considerations for Ion Implanted n-Channel MOSFETs
1975Ferromagnetism in Bi- and Te-substituted MnRh
1975High-Speed Dynamic Programmable Logic Array Chip
1975High Speed Transistor with Double Base Diffusion
1975Modular Hall Masterslice Transducer
1975On Dislocations in GaAs1−xPx
1975Polarization and Depolarization in PSG Films
1975Threshold Voltage Characteristics of Double-boron-implanted Enhancement-mode MOSFETs
1975Vibrating Reed Internal Friction Apparatus for Films and Foils
1974Interatomic Potentials and Defect Energetics in Dilute Alloys
1974Interface Imaging by Scanning Internal Photoemission
1974Potential Distribution of an Inhomogeneously Doped MIS Array
1974Quantitative Electron Microprobe Analysis of Thin Films on Substrates
1973Dislocations in Gadolinium Gallium Garnet (Gd3Ga5O12): III. Nature of Prismatic Loops and Helical Dislocations
1973Performance of Very High Density Charge Coupled Devices
1973Steady State Mathematical Theory for the Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor
1973Theory and Operation of Space-charge-limited Transistors with Transverse Injection
1973Theory of MNOS Memory Device Behavior
1973Transport Properties of the Semiconductor Superlattice
1972A Model of Charge Transfer in Bucket Brigade and Charge-coupled Devices
1972Ge Epitaxial Refill Deposition Techniques for Fabricating Pedestal Transistor Structures
1972Nuclear Backscattering Analysis of Nb–Nb2O5–Bi Structure
1971A Diffusion Model for Arsenic in Silicon
1971A Self-Isolation Scheme for Integrated Circuits
1971An Arsenic Emitter Structure for High-Performance Silicon Transistors
1971Arsenic Source Vapor Pressure Kinetics and Capsule Diffusion
1971Design and Development of an Ultralow-Capacitance, High-Performance Pedestal Transistor
1971Effect of Extremely Thin Nitrogenous Surface Films on Phosphorus-impurity Profiles in Silicon
1971Experimental Evaluation of High Energy Ion Implantation Gradients for Possible Fabrication of a Transistor Pedestal Collector
1971On the Correlation between Domain Size and Coercive Force in Grain-oriented 3.25% Si–Fe
1971On the Relationship of Resistivity to Arsenic Concentration for Heavily Doped n-type Silicon
1971Thermal Problems of the CW Injection Laser
1971Ultra-high-speed Operation of Josephson Tunneling Devices
1970Comment on “A Topological Theory of Domain Velocity in Semiconductors”
1970Computer Aided Two-dimensional Analysis of the Junction Field-effect Transistor
1970Dynamic Performance of Schottky-barrier Field-effect Transistors
1970Hall Mobility Measurements on Magnetite above and below the Electronic Ordering Temperature
1970Localized and Itinerant Electrons in Oxides
1970Man-made Superlattice Crystals
1970Ordered Moment of NiS2
1970Silicon Defect Structure Induced by Arsenic Diffusion and Subsequent Steam Oxidation
1970Specific Heat of SnTe–MnTe System from 2 to 25°K
1970Superlattice and Negative Differential Conductivity in Semiconductors
1970The Theory of Hot Electrons
1970Thermal Problems of the Pulsed Injection Laser
1970Tunneling Spectroscopy in Ferromagnetic Semiconductors
1969A Brillouin Scattering Study of Acoustoelectric Domain Formation in n-GaAs
1969A Perspective on Acoustoelectric Instabilities
1969A Topological Theory of Domain Velocity in Semiconductors
1969Acoustoelectric Amplification in InSb
1969Avalanche Shock Fronts in p-n Junctions
1969Bulk Negative Differential Conductivity in Germanium: Theory
1969Characteristics of Semiconducting Glass Switching/Memory Diodes
1969Coherent Microwave Emission from an Electron-hole Plasma
1969Current Filaments in Semiconductors
1969Current Oscillations in Deep-level Doped Semiconductors
1969Energy Diagram Method for Bragg Reflections in Low Energy Electron Diffraction (LEED) Spectra
1969Location of the <111> Conduction Band Minima in the GaxIn1−xSb Alloy System
1969Microwave Emission and High-frequency Oscillations in n-Type InSb
1969Negative Conductivity Effects and Related Phenomena in Germanium. Part II
1969Negative Conductivity Effects and Related Phenomena in Germanium. Part I
1969Negative Differential Mobility in Nonparabolic Bands
1969Noise Emission from InSb
1969Off-axis Acoustoelectric Domains in CdS
1969On the Measurement of Impurity Atom Distributions by the Differential Capacitance Technique
1969Optical Damage to LiNbO3 from GaAs Laser Radiation
1969Parametric Amplification and Frequency Shifts in the Acoustoelectric Effect
1969Physics of Instabilities in Amorphous Semiconductors
1969Space-charge-limited Current Instabilities in n+-π-n+ Silicon Diodes
1969Strain and Temperature Distributions in a Thermally Activated Cantilever
1969Summary of Microwave Emission from InSb: Gross Features and Possible Explanations
1969The Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure on Hot-electron Phenomena in n-InSb
1969The Influence of Boundary Conditions on Current Instabilities in GaAs
1969The Role of Acoustic Wave Amplification in the Emission of Microwave Noise from InSb
1969Time Response of the High-field Electron Distribution Function in GaAs
1969Trap-controlled Field Instabilities in Photoconducting CdS Caused by Field-quenching
1969Two-dimensional Mathematical Analysis of a Planar Type Junction Field-effect Transistor
1969Wave Propagation in Negative Differential Conductivity Media: n-Ge
1968A Two-Dimensional Mathematical Analysis of the Diffused Semiconductor Resistor
1968New Annealing Effects on the Bulk Corrosion Potential of Germanium
1968On the Measurement of Impurity Atom Distributions in Silicon by the Differential Capacitance Technique
1968Photo-n-p Junctions in ZnTe
1968Room Temperature Delay Times in Diffused Junction GaAs Injection Lasers
1968X-ray Diffraction Topography of Germanium Wafers
1964Crystal Chemistry and Band Structures of the Group V Semimetals and the IV–VI Semiconductors
1964Energy Band Structure of Graphite
1962Superconductivity and Ferromagnetism
1958On the Statistical Mechanics of Impurity Conduction in Semiconductors
1957The Effect of an Electric Field on the Transitions of Barium Titanate