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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007CellSs: Making it easier to program the Cell Broadband Engine processor
2007Open-standard development environment for IBM System z9 host firmware
2007Production design for plate products in the steel industry
2007Workforce optimization: Identification and assignment of professional workers using constraint programming
2005Blue Gene/L programming and operating environment
2004Evolution of a Java just-in-time compiler for IA-32 platforms
2004Model-driven development of large-scale Web applications
2004The GNU 64-bit PL8 compiler: Toward an open standard environment for firmware development
2001Logical reversibility
2000Some studies in machine learning using the game of checkers
1994Instruction scheduling in the TOBEY compiler
1994Trace-directed program restructuring for AIX executables
1993Component procurement and allocation for products assembled to forecast: Risk-pooling effects
1991Execution of automatically parallelized APL programs on RP3
1991Low-overhead scheduling of nested parallelism
1991The parallel C (pC) programming language
1989Fault-simulation programs for integrated-circuit yield estimations
1989Frames, semantic networks, and object-oriented programming in APL2
1989Representing knowledge with functions and Boolean arrays
1987Direct semantics of concurrent languages in the SMoLCS approach
1987LEXX—A programmable structured editor
1987Specification statements and refinement
1987The group problem and integer programming duality
1987Transaction processing primitives and CSP
1986A vectorizing Fortran compiler
1986An automatic overlay generator
1986An execution architecture for FP
1986Compiling APL: The Yorktown APL Translator
1986Microtasking on IBM multiprocessors
1986Program analysis and code generation in an APL/370 compiler
1985A development of APL2 syntax
1984A New Programming Methodology for Long-Lived Software Systems
1984A Program Development Tool
1984Combined Network Complexity Measures
1984Empty arrays in extended APL
1984Experience with Access Functions in an Experimental Compiler
1984Interactive Language Implementation System
1984Managing Multi-Version Programs with an Editor
1984Mapping Uninterpreted Schemes into Entity-Relationship Diagrams: Two Applications to Conceptual Schema Design
1984Optimizing Preventive Service of Software Products
1984Software reliability analysis models
1983SLAN-4: A Language for the Specification and Design of Large Software Systems
1982Real-Time Signal Processor Software Support
1981Data Base Technology
1981Formal Semantics of Programming Languages: VDL
1981History of IBM's Technical Contributions to High Level Programming Languages
1981The History of Language Processor Technology in IBM
1980A Business Language
1980A Data Definition Facility Based on A Value-Oriented Storage Model
1980A Geometric Modeling System for Automated Mechanical Assembly
1980A Language for Extended Queueing Network Models
1980Compilation to Compact Code
1980Grammar Characterization of Flowgraphs
1980Improved Optimization of FORTRAN Object Programs
1980Optimization and Code Generation in a Compiler for Several Machines
1980Some Techniques for Compile-Time Analysis of User-Computer Interactions
1980Stand-Alone Wiring Program for Josephson Logic
1980The Experimental Compiling System
1979An Access Specification Language for a Relational Data Base System
1978A Machine-Independent APL Interpreter
1978Adaptive Variation of the Transfer Unit in a Storage Hierarchy
1978AQL: A Problem-solving Query Language for Relational Data Bases
1978Interpretation of Natural Language in an Information System
1978Language Facilities for Programming User-Computer Dialogues
1978Noun-Phrase Model and Natural Query Language
1977AUTOPASS: An Automatic Programming System for Computer Controlled Mechanical Assembly
1977Comment on “Decomposition of a Data Base and the Theory of Boolean Switching Functions”
1977Data Flow Analysis in the Presence of Procedure Calls
1976Automatic Programming Through Natural Language Dialogue: A Survey
1976Bases for Chain-complete Posets
1976Conceptual Graphs for a Data Base Interface
1976Determining the Three-dimensional Convex Hull of a Polyhedron
1976Objects and Values: The Basis of a Storage Model for Procedural Languages
1976On Natural Language Based Computer Systems
1976Procedural Representation of Three-dimensional Objects
1976REQUEST: A Natural Language Question-Answering System
1976SEQUEL 2: A Unified Approach to Data Definition, Manipulation, and Control
1975Automatic Structuring of Programs
1975Mathematical Construct for Program Reorganization
1975Modified Nodal Approach to DC Network Sensitivity Computation
1975Scheme for Invalidating References to Freed Storage
1975Stream Processing Functions
1974On Proving Correctness of Microprograms
1974String Path Search Procedures for Data Base Systems
1973APLGOL, an Experimental Structured Programming Language
1973Axioms and Theorems for a Theory of Arrays
1973Decomposition of a Data Base and the Theory of Boolean Switching Functions
1973General Arrays, Operators and Functions
1973System Formulation and APL Shared Variables
1973The Design of APL
1972Combinatory Programming and Combinatorial Analysis
1972Compiling Optimized Code from Decision Tables
1972Efficient Evaluation of Array Subscripts of Arrays
1971A Procedure for Implementing the Fast Fourier Transform on Small Computers
1969Data Recovery in a Photo-Digital Storage System
1969Dynamic Inventory Models and Stochastic Programming
1969Fast Sequential Decoding Algorithm Using a Stack
1969Operational Program for the IBM 2750
1969Programmed Automatic Customer Engineer (PACE) Dispatch
1969Symbolic Polynomial Operations with APL
1967SCEPTRE: A Program for Automatic Network Analysis
1967Some Studies in Machine Learning Using the Game of Checkers. II—Recent Progress
1964Solid Logic Design Automation
1963Computer-Automated Design of Multifont Print Recognition Logic
1962A “Logical Pattern” Recognition Program
1962Dual Programs
1962Pseudo Division and Pseudo Multiplication Processes
1961Table Look-up Procedures in Language Processing Part I: The Raw Text
1960A Duality Theorem for Convex Programs
1960A Proof Method for Quantification Theory: Its Justification and Realization
1960Inductive Proof of the Simplex Method
1960Solving a Matrix Game by Linear Programming
1959Automatic Failure Recovery in a Digital Data Processing System
1959Computation of Sin N, Cos N, and m√N Using an Electronic Computer
1959Indexing and Control-Word Techniques
1959Some Studies in Machine Learning Using the Game of Checkers
1958A Learning Machine: Part I
1958A New Approach to Small-Computer Programming and Control
1958Chess-Playing Programs and the Problem of Complexity
1958Programs as a Tool for Research in Systems Organization
1957The Formalization of Scientific Languages—Part I: The Work of Woodger and Hull