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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2001STM-excited electroluminescence and spectroscopy on organic materials for display applications
2000Hot-electron effects and oxide degradation in MOS structures studied with ballistic electron emission microscopy
2000Scanning tunneling microscopy
1995Design and applications of a scanning SQUID microscope
1995High-density data storage using proximal probe techniques
1995Probing electrical transport, electron interference, and quantum size effects at surfaces with STM/STS
1995The use of STM to study metal film epitaxy
1994Atomic-scale metal adhesion investigated by scanning tunneling microscopy
1988Scanning tunneling measurements of potential steps at grain boundaries in the presence of current flow
1986A scanning tunneling microscope for surface science studies
1986A scanning tunneling microscope for the investigation of the growth of metal films on semiconductor surfaces
1986Application to biology and technology of the scanning tunneling microscope operated in air at ambient pressure
1986Applications of a high-stability scanning tunneling microscope
1986Chemical applications of scanning tunneling microscopy
1986Computer automation for scanning tunneling microscopy
1986Construction of a UHV scanning tunneling microscope
1986Defects on the Pt(100) surface and their influence on surface reactions—A scanning tunneling microscopy study
1986Electronic structure and tunneling current for chemisorbed atoms
1986Mono-atomic tips for scanning tunneling microscopy
1986Near-field optical scanning microscopy with tunnel-distance regulation
1986Possible mechanisms of atom transfer in scanning tunneling microscopy
1986Properties of vacuum tunneling currents: Anomalous barrier heights
1986Scanning tunneling microscope automation
1986Scanning tunneling microscopy of cleaved semiconductor surfaces
1986Scanning tunneling microscopy of surface microstructure on rough surfaces
1986Scanning tunneling microscopy
1986Some design criteria in scanning tunneling microscopy
1986Spectroscopy of electronic states of metals with a scanning tunneling microscope
1986Squeezable tunneling junctions
1986STM activity at the University of Basel
1986Surface modification with the scanning tunneling microscope
1986Theory of scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy: Resolution, image and field states, and thin oxide layers
1986Traversal time for tunneling
1986Tunneling microscopy from 300 to 4.2 K
1986Wide-range, low-operating-voltage, bimorph STM: Application as potentiometer