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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2005Logic-based eDRAM: Origins and rationale for use
2003Comparison of analytic performance models using closed mean-value analysis versus open-queuing theory for estimating cycles per instruction of memory hierarchies
2003Fifty years of IBM innovation with information storage on magnetic tape
2003Six orders of magnitude in linear tape technology: The one-terabyte project
2003Tape management in a storage networking environment
2003The IBM Virtual Tape Server: Making tape controllers more autonomic
1999IBM S/390 storage hierarchy G5 and G6 performance considerations
1999The S/390 G5/G6 binodal cache
1994Improving performance of linear algebra algorithms for dense matrices, using algorithmic prefetch
1994Memory versus randomization in on-line algorithms
1983Fractal Nature of Software-Cache Interaction
1978Adaptive Variation of the Transfer Unit in a Storage Hierarchy
1978Effect of Replacement Algorithms on a Paged Buffer Database System
1978Model for Database Reference Strings Based on Behavior of Reference Clusters
1977Buffer Performance Analysis of Communication Processors During Slowdown at Network Control
1977Permutation Clustering: An Approach to On-Line Storage Reorganization
1976An Analysis of Buffer Paging in Virtual Storage Systems
1976Buffer Overflow in a Store-and-Forward Network Node
1976Derivation of Miss Ratios for Merged Access Streams
1976Storage Management Operations in Linked Uniform Shift-Register Loops
1975Application of the Page Survival Index (PSI) to Virtual-memory System Performance
1975Design of Experiments in Simulator Validation
1975Dynamic Partitioning of the Main Memory Using the Working Set Concept
1975LRU Stack Processing
1975Model for Interactive Data Base Reference String
1975Patterns in Program References
1975Performance Analysis of a Multiprogrammed Computer System
1975Predicting Working Set Sizes
1975Scheme for Invalidating References to Freed Storage
1975Storage Hierarchy Optimization Procedure
1975Study of Memory Partitioning for Multiprogramming Systems with Virtual Memory
1975Tailoring Programs to Models of Program Behavior
1974Analysis of Exception Data in a Staging Hierarchy
1974Determining Hit Ratios for Multilevel Hierarchies
1974On-line Measurement of Paging Behavior by the Multivalued MIN Algorithm
1974On Optimization of Storage Hierarchies
1974Optimal Task Switching Policy for a Multilevel Storage System
1973An Analysis of Page Allocation Strategies for Multiprogramming Systems with Virtual Memory
1973Characterization of Program Paging in a Time-sharing Environment
1973Empirically Derived Micromodels for Sequences of Page Exceptions