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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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1974Calculations of Stable Domain Radii Produced by Thermomagnetic Writing
1974Thermally Induced Pulses in Magnetoresistive Heads
1972Analytical and Experimental Thermal Analysis of Multiple Heat Sources in Integrated Semiconductor Chips
1972Design and Fabrication of Heat Transfer Surfaces from Superplastic Material
1972Removal of Numerical Instability in the Solution of Nonlinear Heat Exchange Equations
1972Stationary Temperature Profiles and Heat Flux Distribution in a Plastic-encapsulated Circuit Package
1971Heat-transfer Calculations at the Tape-head Interface of a Computer Tape Drive
1971Multi-fluid Subdued Boiling; Theoretical Analysis of Multi-fluid Interface Bubbles
1971Polymorphism in Cholesteryl Esters: Cholesteryl Palmitate
1971Preparation and Thermodynamics of Some Homologous Nitrones, a New Group of Liquid Crystals
1970Minimal Energy Dissipation in Logic
1960A Thermodynamic Treatment of Dilute Superconducting Alloys