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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 11, Number 2, Page 215 (1967)
Difference Equations
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On the Partial Difference Equations of Mathematical Physics

by R. Courant, K. Friedrichs, H. Lewy
Editor's note: This paper, which originally appeared in Mathematische Annalen 100, 32–74 (1928), is republished by permission of the authors. We are also grateful to the Atomic Energy Commission for permission to republish this translation, which had appeared as AEC Report NYO-7689, and to Phyllis Fox, the translator, who did the work at the AEC Computing Facility at New York University under AEC Contract No. AT(30-1)-1480. Professor Eugene Isaacson had made suggestions on this translation.
Related Subjects: Difference equations; Machine computation and data analysis; Mathematics