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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 18, Number 2, Page 94 (1974)
Nontopical Issue
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Interface Imaging by Scanning Internal Photoemission

by T. H. DiStefano, J. M. Viggiano
A scanning internal photoemission (SIP) technique is used to obtain a high resolution map or image of the potential energy barrier at an insulator interface. The image is produced by displaying the internal photocurrent produced by a monochromatic beam of light scanned across the sample. A special technique was developed for focusing the light to a spot less than one micrometer in diameter. Photoemission images of a Si-SiO2 interface "stained" with a fractional monolayer of sodium are presented along with photoemission and reflectively images of a Nb2O 5-Bi interface. These SIP images show inhomogeneities related to structural variations, impurities, and defects at the interface that previously were inaccessible to observation.
Related Subjects: Imaging technology; Optical science and technology; Photoemission; Physics, solid state; Surface science