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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 35, Number 1, Page 94 (1996)
Nontopical Issue
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Access control systems: From host-centric to network-centric computing

by M. Benantar, R. Guski, K. M. Troidle
In this paper, we review the important theoretical models of computer access control systems. Using the IBM Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) operating system as the example, we show how the principles expressed in these models can be implemented. The roots of user authentication and access control on MVS are examined, tracing the convergence of the requirement for controls with the development of appropriate software. The paper also highlights security and auditing features unique to the host-centric computing model and discusses how these existing technologies might be applied to the security problems presented by the newer networking computing models. Finally, we look to the future and suggest the environment that will result when the host-centric computing model for security and access control is interoperated with the networking computing models.
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