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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 34, Number 1, Page 96 (1995)
Nontopical issue
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Experiences with object-oriented group support software development

by S. C. Hayne, M. Pendergast
This paper describes practical design and implementation experiences gained when creating Group Support Systems (GSS) in a networked personal computer environment. Examples of GSS based on the shared context model and implemented using C, C++, and Actor languages are presented. Graphical user interfaces and multitasking extend traditional methods for supporting group work. An object-oriented communication system is introduced comprised of objects that provide support for all inter- and intraprocessor communications between the GSS applications. Multiple levels of data service are provided to maintain shared data, coordinate user views, and transmit cursor positions in a convenient and efficient manner. The applications presented not only demonstrate the viability of implementing GSS on personal computer-based systems, but also show the ability to develop complex applications in different programming environments that make use of common routines. The unique properties of the object-oriented paradigm greatly facilitate the creation and use of Group Support Systems.
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