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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 43, Number 3, Page 534 (2004)
Unstructured Information Management
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Market Intelligence Portal: An entity-based system for managing market intelligence

by Z. Su, J. Jiang, T. Liu, G T. Xie, Y. Pan
Gathering market intelligence (MI) can be critical for the success of an enterprise, and in-depth analysis of this information is helpful in understanding products, business trends, and information concerning competitors. Because of the huge volume of this information and the high rate of its growth, there is a great demand from enterprises for automated MI management systems. In this paper, an information portal for MI management systems is presented. It is based on a semantic web approach and provides the user a single access point for all relevant information about a specific MI topic. In contrast with traditional knowledge portal methods, our work is based on entity-level computing technologies rather than document-level technologies. We present a knowledge network called EntityNet, which is generated by an information synthesis process and enables the network to store entity-level knowledge and provide semantic services for the knowledge worker. From the systems perspective, EntityNet's most significant features are its customized document-processing flow and personalized category view. The framework can integrate various text collections, apply data-mining and dissemination functions on the collections with a defined process flow, and present a personalized browsing and searching interface.
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